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Ad choices

We offer the following ad choices to our clients. You can choose more than one ad type. For quote, you should contact us.

Banner Ads

The banner ads will click on your page in a new browser. We offer both static and interactive manners. You can choose from the leaderboard, rectangular banner, and ‘page take-over’ option.

Electronic Direct Mailer (EDM)

These are sent using email to subscribers who choose to receive newsletters from us. EDMs can be delivered to a specific target group. When clicked on the ad, it will open a new window.

Sponsored Posts

We can write a sponsored post for your product or service. Our expert writers will first have a look at your product or service and then write a post where they will mention about your product or service and give a link to your site.

These ads will open doors to new opportunities. You will get more prospective clients as your site link will be added to the ads. Call us if you want to know anything further.